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Working with Unicode, for example, has most likely taken years off the collective lives of Python programmers everywhere. The Universal Feed Parser, which is arguably the best feed-parsing library on the planet, pithily glosses over some of the pain in its documentation, but Beautiful Soup, which is almost certainly the best screen-scraping library on the planet, expresses the agony of Unicode handling in a way that may not comply with corporate coding style guides:

Beautiful Soup uses a class called UnicodeDammit to detect the encodings of documents you give it and convert them to Unicode, no matter what. If you need to do this for other documents (without using Beautiful Soup to parse them), you can use UnicodeDammit by itself.

Meanwhile in the Django world, Malcolm, I’m sure, is now slightly crazier than he was before his heroic effort to make Unicode handling as painless as possible for Django applications.

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